• Terry S

    An interesting and well written article but as for the last question let me throw a curve ball back at you.

    What about the Alan Horsley tweaked MX-5 SP?

    Only 100 built,race credibility by winning the the Targa Tasmania ( showroom Class) in 2002

    When they were sold in 2002 all the magazines were impressed that the SP was actually faster then both the WRX and Boxster

    Now nearly at the bottom of their depreciation cycle it would have to represent great buying value especially that most of the general public cannot tell the difference between these hotrods and the standard cooking MX-5

    February 08, 2012
  • Dear Terry S,
    Thanks for your excellent and thought-provoking suggestion about the Horsley tuned Mazda MX5. I reckon that you are really on to something there. Powerful, affordable, huge fun and over-looked by the bulk of the market. Given your excellent suggestion, I will publish an article on the MX5 in the next few days. I will talk about about the Horsley turbo version and acknowledge that, without your helpful contribution, I would have forgotten about it. You’ve got me thinking. – Michael.

    February 09, 2012
  • Richard C

    Dear Michael,

    Excellent article and web site. Having personally admired the Porsche Boxster for 10 years from when I first saw a prototype pic in 1996, I made the decision and purchased a 3.2 litre 986 2004 Boxster S in 2007. This car was one owner (well almost) as it was won by the first official owner in a raffle, but left at the local dealer and he walked away with a rather large cheque instead of the car. I purchased it after the second owner had done around 30,000 K’s. It was a Tiptronic and been the last of the 986’s it had all the great gear on it (Litronic lights, red seat belts, sports chassis, sound package and 18 inch alloys). I sold the car last year having done a total of 58,000 K’s for a song to a great mate of mine as I recently got a job that provided me with an Aussie V8 company car.
    Well, now after several months without one and many sleepless nights (and boring K’s in the V8), I have purchased another one. This one is a straight 2.7 litre, 2005 Boxster, however it is manual and has a few extras like sports chrono, heated seats, Porsche embossed crest on the seat headrests, sound package, 18 inch Boxster S alloys and finally PASM. I pick it up this Saturday from Interstate and will have a 8 plus hour drive home. I’d be happy to write in and tell you what I think of it?

    Keep the great articles and pics coming!

    Best wishes,

    Richard C.

    February 16, 2012
    • Richard C

      I should have added that my new car is a 987!


      Richard C

      February 16, 2012
  • Michael

    Dear Richard, Thanks for your comments and congratulations on your new Porsche. I would be interested in hearing about your experiences of moving from a 3.2 litre 986 tiptronic to a 2.7 litre 987 manual. Does the manual gearbox and the advances of the later model make up for the smaller capacity motor. How do they compare for refinement? Often the true connoisseur will take a smaller motor over the larger one. People say that the 3.4 litre Mark 2 Jag is a sweeter drive than the 3.8 litre that the go-fastest brigade hanker after. In the world of Holdens, I hear the 186 was much nice than the more powerful 202 and that the 4.2 litre V8 had a civility missing from the 5 litre. I note that the output of the standard 987 Boxster is pretty close to the 986 Boxster S anyway. I know the 986 went very, very well.

    March 07, 2012
    • Richard C

      Well, as I stated a few weeks ago, I flew across to Melbourne from Adelaide to pick up a 2005 987 Porsche Boxster, from Porsche Centre Melbourne. Having purchased the vehicle “sight unseen”, I was a little apprehensive. Thankfully, the vehicle met all my expectations. Black on black like my previous 986 Boxster S, in my opinion is the best colour combination. My new one has a few extra options, like PSM (Porsche Stability Management), PASM (Porsche Active Stability Management), heated seats, 5 speed manual and the sports chrono option. What they all do and are is for another day, but those that know me will vouch that I do love gadgets and these options are some extra things to have some fun playing with!

      The drive back to Adelaide from Melbourne went very smoothly. I left Melbourne for the 700 plus kilometre drive at around 11:30am and was back home in Adelaide at around 7:40pm.

      The temperature was in the high 30’s, so the roof was closed for most the drive, but I also had the roof down on occasions-sucking up months of not been able to enjoy open top motoring after selling my previous 986 S.

      The car in the 2.7 litre 5 speed manual set up, went in my opinion far better than the triptronic in my previous 3.2 litre 986 S. Power output does vary slightly, with the 987 having 176KW versus the 986 S having 191 KW. Still, on paper and in the flesh, the 987 5 speed manual is slightly quicker than the triptronic. I also found the interior far more upmarket in the 987 than the 986 and the 987 having all the advanced stability management enhancements, meant that the road handling and control is far better.

      For most the drive I tried as hard as I could to maintain the legal speed limit, but as I exited Boardertown and saw the 110 kph limit, I changed down and gave it some stick, only to see a pole with heaps of cameras on it. To my relief these are to manage trucks and other heavy vehicles to ensure they maintain their rest periods and speed limits. It was a real lesson to at least look up before you “leap”.

      The other surprise was the exhaust note. The 987 although only the 2.7 litre version, sounds far more sporty in exhaust noise than my previous 986 S.

      One of the real advantages buying it from an authorised Porsche dealer is that it comes with a 12 month Porsche pre-owned warranty and an option to renew the warranty for up to 9 years from it’s first registration. This means no surprise expenses until at least late 2015 and hopefully by then, I’l be driving the soon to be released 981. If you haven’t as yet seen the new model (soon to be released), get onto the Porsche website and check it out-absolutely outstanding!

      Until next time, as I’m off to polish my car with my recent Ebay purchased Zymol cleanser and polish!

      Richard C

      March 09, 2012

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