The Classic Motorist is brought to you by a small team of classic car enthusiasts who believe that a website about classic motoring offers a means of sharing news and information about interesting cars.

We are hoping to create an online version of the sort of discussions that occur at rallies, concourse events, petrol stations and (in the case of those of us who drive English cars) when our cars breakdown on roadsides.

This website is based around the philosophy that the expression “I just want a car to get me from A to B” indicates ignorance and the wasting of an opportunity to have a car that brings fun to motoring- as well as the occasional adventure or breakdown.

Have a look around the site. Send us your thoughts through the comments sections, share your tips. Maybe even send in an article on you, your car, your club or an adventure you have had as a classic motorist. Also, we would love to receive electronic photographs of your old cars as finding good, royalty-free, images for this site is proving difficult.

We can always be contacted at thedriver@classicmotorist.com.au



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